The Deadly Dog Training Myth

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» Chapter One: Would You Pay Someone $10,000 To Kill You? Why ONLY Positive Reinforcement Is Dangerous

  • How ONLY positive reinforcement killed three spiritual warriors on Oct 8, 2009. (And each paid $10,000 to have it done.)
  • A reactive Jack Russell Terrier spent five years working with a behaviorist and was never cured. (Learn how I solved the problem in ONE session because the behaviorist refused to use the correct technique.)
  • The scientific research which will help the most inexperienced dog owner get fast results. (This information helps brand new dog owners quickly bring their dog’s behavior under control.)
  • The true story of the famous veterinary behaviorist who travels the world preaching ONLY positive methods and how he wanted to punch out a man for disagreeing with him… and brags about it.
  • The best dog training advice from author Robert Ringer. (And how to put it to use immediately.)

» Chapter Two: The True Believers From The Church Of Positive Only Training

  • How a longshoreman from the Bronx, born in 1898, perfectly explains the state of dog training today. (This is why a certain agenda is pushed on dog owners resulting in deadly consequences.)
  • How the Positive ONLY dog training movement was started. (If you do not conform to their ideology you are labeled and attacked.)
  • Why the term “science-based dog training” is used to mislead unsuspecting dog owners.
  • The MOST effective way to stop your dog from stealing pizza off the table. (How to END jumping immediately or bring any unwanted behavior to a grinding halt!)

» Chapter Three: Smelling Farts May Prevent Cancer – Why Listening To The “Science-Based” Dog Trainers Can Get Your Dog Killed

  • How science has become so subjective it now has terms to explain how it can get any desired results. (P-Hacking is the term used and this is the actual definition: “Trying multiple things until you get the desired result – even unconsciously.”)
  • Why positive ONLY trainers label any negative consequence as violence. (And why the term “force free dog training” is a BIG, GIANT LIE used as a marketing ploy to fool unsuspecting dog owners.)
  • Recently the media was promoting “Drinking wine is better than an hour working out at a gym.” (Presented as a scientific fact that is totally false.)
  • Smoking was once promoted as “good for you” – backed up by “scientific proof.” (Much of the dog training advice is pushed the same way smoking was back in the 1940’s and 50’s.)

» And much, much more…

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